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Welcome to the Undergraduate Radiology Program

This website provides an overview of the undergraduate radiology curriculum at McMaster and an introduction to the staff, residents and medical students who are committed to delivering this curriculum.

The department of radiology is involved in the undergraduate curriculum from start to finish. We first meet the incoming medical students during the Introduction to Medicine subunit with an Active Learning Large Group Session entitled “Introduction to Radiology,” where we explore the main imaging modalities. Throughout the pre-clerkship curriculum, we provide “Approach To” imaging lectures on the main body systems. We enhance the teaching of gross anatomy through interactive quiz based sessions on radiologic anatomy. Multiple short radiology videos are provided with the online clinical skills curriculum. In addition, comprehensive radiology media files are attached to all relevant PBL cases. As medical students transition to clerkship, fellowship-trained staff radiologists provide 2-hour small group sessions to the entire class on Chest Radiographs, Abdominal Radiographs and MSK Radiographs. During the Concept Integration Review period, our team offers a 50 question multiple choice radiology quiz with a comprehensive take-up session to help students prepare for the LMCC.

For students who are seeking to learn more about the field of radiology, we provide a “Career Night” in the fall of the first year. In addition, we welcome medical students to come to our Radiology Departments on elective. Please see our Elective webpage for more information.

We look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Danielle Walker

Information Box Group